Plains, Georgia

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Rosalynn Carter


Meet the Former First Lady

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About the Trail & Members


It starts at Mrs. Carter's home in Plains.  Is your garden on the list?

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Join the Rosalynn Carter Butterfly Trail


Attract Monarch butterflies to your backyard and how to join the Trail

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Challenges for Monarch Butterflies


Find out why they are in decline.

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Your Garden

Add to your garden to make it pollinator friendly or create a new garden

Create a pollinator friendly garden

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Our Mission


To increase pollinator habitat and educate the public

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You are invited to join the trail!

The Rosalynn Carter Butterfly Trail, Inc.

P.O. Box 10, Plains, GA 31780

(229) 824-4567

Public gardens in Plains, Georgia

You can locate a map with the container gardens and in ground gardens at the corner of Main Street and Hudson Street. Our gardens are small and maintained by the businesses that registered them.