You are invited to register your pollinator friendly garden.

Vineyard Giving Farm

Garden # 403 - 

3127 Parrish Road, 



What type of BUTTERFLIES are you trying to attract?

We are interested in any type of pollinator (bee hives on site), but love any butterflies whose larvae don’t eat our veggies.

What NECTAR and HOST plants are in your garden?

Mountain mint, Evening Primrose, Cutleaf coneflower, Purple coneflower, milkweed, Guara, Daisy, Black-eyed susan, Sweet William, Cosmos, Pineanpple sage, parsley, dill, holy basil, Thai basil, asters, passionflower, goldenrod, Swamp sunflowers, sunflowers, zinnia, lilies, blue mist, sedum, Carolina jessamine, lantana, nasturtiums, bee balm, yarrow, black and blue salvia, agapanthus, marigold, blanket flower, rose campion, Stokes aster, cornflower, blue mist, ageratum, oregano, fennel, chives, garlic chives, lemon balm, rosemary, fig, pear, elderberry trees, others

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