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Nectar Plants: So butterflies can eat


Your container or in-ground garden must have nectar plants to attract butterflies seeking food.  Monarch butterflies, for example, migrate northward over your house, school or business on their way to Canada. Your garden filled with nectar plants means there is food for the butterfly.  Make sure you've planted milkweed, too, because their existence in the fall is critical to a butterfly.


Host plants (milkweed) is essential to butterflies for laying their eggs.  Therefore, your garden needs to have milkweed available to butterflies not only for their eggs, but for when they hatch into caterpillars.  Caterpillars eat the milkweed before morphing into butterflies.  

Use our Planting Guide as a checklist to make sure your butterflies have the habitat they need.

Nectar plants in a container garden

Nectar plants in a container garden