Plains, Georgia

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We hope you will join the trail

We hope you will join the trailWe hope you will join the trail

Visit our gardens on your next visit to Plains, GA!

  1. Carter Roadside Garden – HWY 280W
  2. Jimmy Carter Boyhood Farm – Old Plains HWY/ back parking lot
  3. Plains – Main Street & Hudson Street
  4. Plains Community Center – west side of building
  5. Rosalynn Carter Childhood Home – South Bond Street
  6. Plains High School Museum – North Bond Street/back parking lot
  7. Georgia Visitors Center – Plains HWY 280E
  8. Apartment 9A Public Housing (container garden) – Pascal Street
  9. Maranatha Baptist Church (container garden) – GA. Hwy 45
  10. Plains Post Office – Main Street
  11. Plains Pharmacy (container garden) – Plains, Georgia
  12. U.G.A. Experiment Station (container garden) – Plains, Georgia
  13. William’s Peanut Warehouse-South Bond Street(container garden)– Plains, Georgia
  14. Archery Historic Marker Garden on Old Plains Highway – Plains, Georgia
  15. Plains Post Office Milkweed Garden – Plains,Georgia
  16. Old Williams Warehouse by Depot Butterfly Milkweed Project – Plains, Georgia
  17. South Bond Street Milkweed Project (next to Plains, Parlor)- Plains, Georgia
  18. Bishop Johnson Crossroads Milkweed Project – Plains, Georgia
  19. Sewell Road Milkweed Project – Plains, Georgia
  20. Mercer Plains Medical Clinic Garden – Plains, Georgia
  21. Plains Parlor (south Bond Street) - Plains, Georgia
  22. Mercer Plains Medical Clinic Milkweed Garden - Plains, Georgia
  23. The Mayor's Garden - Plains, Georgia
  24. Lillian Gordy Carter Nursing Home – Plains/Hospital Street

Former First Lady Rosalynn Carter in Plains, Georgia.

Former First Lady Rosalynn Carter in Plains, Georgia.