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Jimmy Carter Boyhood Farm memories (Stewardship)

Jimmy Carter describes his appreciation of the earth and the importance of honoring nature’s gifts by preserving the land and sustaining wildlife habitat for future generations to enjoy. Credit: Audio featured at the Jimmy Carter Boyhood Farm in Plains, Georgia.

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“I have never been happier, more exhilarated, at peace, rested, inspired and aware of the grandeur of the universe and the greatness of God than when I find myself in a natural setting not much […]

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Monarch Joint Venture

A nonprofit organization that supports a national partnership of federal and state agencies, nonprofits, community groups, businesses, and academic programs working together to conserve monarch butterflies and other pollinators. The MJV focuses on habitat conservation, education, science and building partnerships.

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The Monarch Larva Monitoring Project

A citizen science project involving volunteers from across the United States and Canada in monarch research. Volunteers collect long-term data on larval monarch populations and milkweed habitat. The project focuses on monarch distribution and abundance during the breeding season in North America.

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Journey North

provides an easy entry point to citizen science, with simple protocols, strong online support, and immediate results. Reported sightings, including monarchs, are mapped in real-time as waves of migrations move across the continent.

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Planting Guide

Host Plants Host plants are needed to ensure a full life cycle from laying eggs to a reliable food source. Monarch butterfly Milkweeds – increase the chance of monarchs staying on property longer Aquatic milkweed White […]

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Tranformation of caterpillar to chrysallis

We finally received 1/2 inch of rain yesterday after over 10 weeks of no measurable rain. Many of the flowers have not made it due to lack of water and extremely high temperatures. We lost some milkweed but we are hoping to be able to begin to propagate some this week and have it ready for spring planting. We are still seeing Monarchs in Plains as they make their journey southward to the overwintering sites.This will be our last chrysalis for 2019.

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