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Central UCC Nature Preserve Garden 11

Garden # 11 - 

2676 Clairmont Rd. NE, 



Type of Butterflies attracted: Pearl Crescent, Silvery Checkerspot, American Lady, Cloudless Sulphur, Sleepy Orange, Silver Spotted Skipper, Spring Azure, Mottled Duskywing, Eastern Tailed Blue, Black Swallowtail, Tiger Swallowtail

Type of Nectar plants used: verbena canadensis, symphyotrichum patens, asclepias tuberosa, monarda fistulosa, solidago nemorallis vernonia glauca, ceanothus americanus, echinacea tennesseenis, euthochium dublium, pycnanthemum incanum, coreposis lanceloata, heliopsis helianthoides

Type of Host Plants: Acclepias tuberosa, senna marilandica bapisia alba, antennaria plantagenaria, symphyotrichum patnes, helianthus michrocephalus, liatris microcephale, ceanothus americanus

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