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Bodie Pennisi

Dr. Bodie V. Pennisi, Professor and Statewide Extension Landscape Specialist, Horticulture
Department, The University of Georgia

Dr. Bodie Pennisi is a Professor and statewide Extension landscape specialist in the Department of
Horticulture at the University of Georgia. She received her Master of Science in 1996 and Doctoral
degrees in 1999 from Environmental Horticulture Dept. of University of Florida in Gainesville. She
joined the Horticulture Department at UGA in 2000. Dr. Pennisi is responsible for planning and
coordinating a statewide Extension program to support the professional landscape industry, and
conducting applied research with emphasis on sustainable landscape practices such as biodegradable
containers and microbial inoculants. Dr. Pennisi also conducts research on quantifying and qualifying
floral provisioning resources for pollinators, biological enemies, and ecosystem services in urban and
agricultural landscape contexts. Dr. Pennisi’s publication record includes 25 journal articles, 58
published abstracts, 75 extension publications (manuals, bulletins, circulars), and 10 book chapters. She
has 67 presentations at professional conferences as author or co-author, and over 500 presentations for
stakeholder audiences (industry, civic groups, master gardeners, garden clubs, etc). She has served on
over 30 graduate student committees. Dr. Pennisi assists county Extension agents with landscape
trouble-shooting, landscape planning, and local programming. She teaches Master Gardener training
classes on landscape installation and maintenance, WaterSmart landscapes, interiorscapes, herbaceous
and woody ornamental plant selection, plant propagation and plant physiology. Dr. Pennisi teaches three
college undergraduate and graduate courses, HORT(ANTH)(PBIO)3440E Herbs, Spices, and Medicinal
Plants, HORT(CRSS)4430/6430E Plant Physiology and HORT(ENTO)4770/6770SL, E Plants,
Pollinators, and You. The annual enrollment in her courses averages 250 students. Dr. Pennisi serves on
the boards of the statewide industry groups, Georgia Green Industry Association and the Georgia Urban
Agriculture Council. She also serves as a scientific advisor to the board of the national non-profit
organization Green Plants for Green Buildings (GPGB). Since 2014, she’s been serving as Co-Editor-in-
Chief of Scientia Horticulturae (Elsevier Publ.) Dr. Pennisi has received numerous publication awards
from the American Society for Horticultural Sciences (ASHS), Southern Region ASHS, National
Association of County Agriculture Agents (NAACA), and Southern Regional Extension Forester. Her
past awards include Senior Extension Specialist (Georgia Association of County Agriculture Agents),
Henry Covington Extension Award, NACTA Award of Merit, John Hutchison Young Extension
Educator, Georgia Green Industry Educator of the Year, Georgia Society of Association of Executives,
and Georgia Flower Grower Association Outstanding Educator. Dr. Pennisi has served as a

Body Pennisi UGA