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A Georgia Clay Girl Garden 1123

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What type of BUTTERFLIES are you trying to attract?

Black Swallowtail; Monarch; Whites; Sulfurs, Gray Hairstreak; Eastern Tiger Swallowtail; Viceroy; Common Buckeye; Silver Spotted Skipper; Zebra Swallowtail; Gulf Fritillary;

What NECTAR and HOST plants are in your garden?

Parsley, Milkweed Asclepias; Tulip poplar; Coneflower; Blanketflower; Salvia; Pincushion flower; Black-eyed Susan; Coreopsis; Dianthus; Iris; Arbatax Lily; ; Sweet Asylum; Pineapple Sage; Astilbe; Tree Peonies; Confederate Jasmine; Gardenias; Primrose; Sunflower; Rosemary; Lavendar; Wallflower;; Purslane; Daylily; Mint; Dahlia.