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Pollinator Garden 1159

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What type of BUTTERFLIES are you trying to attract?

Monarch, Black Swallow Tail… Really all pollinators! Hummingbirds etc.

What NECTAR and HOST plants are in your garden?

Lantana, Cleome, Herbs, Mexican Peturnia, Catmint, Mountain Mint, Blanket Flower, Artemisia, Weigela,
Spirea, ferns, grasses, Gaura Plant, Castor Bean, Honeysuckle, Salvia Varieties, Butterfly Bushes, Upright Perrenial, Joe Pye, Coral Bells, Agastache, Rudbekia, Hydrangeas, Cana Lillies, Camelias, Sweetheart Roses, Daphne, Gomphrena, Yarrow, Bat-Faced Cupea, Verbena, Stokes Aster, Pin Cushion Plant, Variety of Milkweed, Wild Ageratum, Cone Flowers, Lavender, Variety of pollinator annuals , Vegetable Garden Plants, Variety of trees, Confederate Jasmine, Hostas