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Shanghigh Meadow 1157

 - #1157

Lehigh Acres, 


What type of BUTTERFLIES are you trying to attract?

Esrablished: monarch, gulf fritillary, zebra longwing, giant swallowtail, polydamus, white peacocks, several skippers and several sulphurs. Still hoping for: pipevine swallowtails, and black swallowtails

What NECTAR and HOST plants are in your garden?

Milkweed (incarnata, tuberosa, perennis, twine vine, scarlet, giant and balloon), pipevines (gigantea, leuconaura, trilobata), passion vines (suberosa, incarnata, cerulean), pea vines, wild lime, blackbead, cassia, Salvia, monarda, ageratum, plumbago, skyflower, jacquemontia, crossvine, dune sunflower, blanket flower, tickseed (I work at a native plant nursery, and have well over 200 species in my home “yarden”).